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Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Some individuals with substance use disorder (SUD) or dual diagnosis have more persistent and complex symptoms affecting their recovery. Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) provide clients with additional structure, accountability, and support.

Studies have shown that “Partial hospitalization programs provide services to patients with mild to moderate symptoms of withdrawal that are not likely to be severe or life-threatening and that do not require 24-hour medical support.” Avery Lane is a female-only treatment center offering PHP to women struggling with SUD and co-occurring mental health disorders, trauma, or grief.

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What Are Partial Hospitalization Programs?

    Avery Lane offers multiple treatment programs for women in various stages of recovery. PHP is a step up from an intensive outpatient program (IOP) and a step down from residential care. Gender-specific PHPs provide women with services designed to meet their unique needs.

    PHP ensures the following:

    • Clients and their families have access to essential recovery resources
    • Individuals have an opportunity to practice crucial coping skills in a controlled environment
    • Clinicians provide tailored, trauma-informed care to each client
    • Clients are given the tools to process trauma and other co-occurring issues

    Women have a higher risk of experiencing co-occurring disorders. PHPs provide an excellent space for clients with dual diagnoses or underlying issues affecting mental health. Often, clients with dual diagnosis require the higher levels of outpatient services offered in PHP.

    Who Benefits Most From PHP?

    Clients participating in PHP generally have more complex issues and moderate symptoms.

    Individuals in PHP benefit from the following:

    • Additional one-on-one engagement with their care team
    • Increased accountability
    • Assistance in establishing healthy routines and behaviors
    • Increased emotional support and guidance

    Partial hospitalization provides many of the advantages of residential treatment while allowing clients to return home every night. The additional support and guidance enable many clients to grow and heal more effectively. Personalized treatment plans ensure clients in PHP have access to the resources and information they need to make educated decisions about their health and recovery.

    Effective Recovery with Our PHP Program for Women

    Partial hospitalization provides many of the advantages of residential treatment while allowing women to return home every night. The additional support and guidance enable many women to grow and heal more effectively. To learn more about our PHP programs, please get in touch with Avery Lane at (800) 270-2406.

    Common Conditions Treated in PHP

    Many women with SUD have co-occurring conditions and require integrative care or more comprehensive treatment than clients diagnosed exclusively with SUD. According to MedlinePlus, “Treatments may include behavioral therapies and medicines.” PHPs provide medication management and other essential services to help women in recovery develop healthy coping strategies.

    Clinicians at Avery Lane treat the following conditions:

    • Alcohol and drug abuse
    • Co-occurring disorders
    • Grief and loss
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and trauma

    PHPs are ideal for women with severe untreated trauma, grief, or co-occurring mental health issues affecting emotional stability. Clients participate in therapy and other forms of treatment throughout the week, practicing grounding exercises and other therapeutic techniques between sessions.

    What to Expect From PHP

    PHP at Avery Lane offers the following:

    • Day-treatment five days a week for four hours per day
    • Individual therapy once a week
    • Medical and psychiatric support, including medication management
    • Life-skills support
    • Support groups

    The clinical team encourages clients to empower one another through peer and community engagement. Peer support increases the effectiveness of therapy and other forms of treatment. PHPs provide clients with more time to build healthy peer connections. Some women gain lifelong friendships during treatment. Being able to voice concerns and share their stories with others who have similar life experiences motivates women to continue moving forward in their healing journey.

    Treatment Options at Avery Lane

    The recovery experts at Avery Lane have decades of combined experience treating individuals with SUD and dual diagnosis. Clinicians prioritize individualized treatment plans and flexible schedules to ensure outpatient clients receive the level of support they need to fully heal without interfering with their day-to-day lives.

    A few of the therapy options in PHP and other levels of care include:

    • Brain Spotting
    • Trauma and trauma-based therapy
    • Grief and loss therapy
    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
    • Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
    • Emotional freedom techniques (EFT)
    • Yoga and mindfulness)
    • Nutritional education

    Every client reacts differently to treatment and recovery. The care team at Avery Lane collaborates closely with clients and their families to ensure women experience the best PHP outcomes. Relapse prevention education is an integral part of the PHP curriculum. Clients and their loved ones are educated on how to identify potential triggers and reduce the risk of relapse.

    PHP Services for Women and Their Families

    Many people are unaware of how significantly gender affects health and treatment during recovery from substance use disorder. According to Brain Sciences, “Dual diagnosis in women presents increased stigma, social penalties, and barriers to access to treatment than it does for men.” The clinical team ensures families understand their loved one’s condition and how to provide appropriate support during and after treatment. Clients and their families can access family support, education, and therapy services.

    Gender-specific care ensures women and their loved ones fully understand how to address gender-specific issues related to SUD, including:

    • Reducing stressors by decreasing pressure to meet societal gender norms
    • Engaging with other women within the sober and recovery communities
    • Using alternative holistic therapies or evidence-based treatment to address hormonal issues affecting recovery
    • Combatting stigmas by self-educating and educating others within the community about mental health
    • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
    • Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
    • Emotional freedom techniques (EFT)
    • Yoga and mindfulness)
    • Nutritional education

    The care team helps clients find healthy ways to manage challenges related to their recovery. Avery Lane guides clients and their families through healing from the damage caused by substance abuse.

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    What Women Experience

    Hear What Our Alumni Has To say about Avery Lane

    Camille Open Door at Avery Lane Womens Rehab Novato

    We were all so fortunate to find Avery Lane when our daughter was at a low point. An initial diagnosis was confirmed by staff and the time spent there in recovery was very beneficial to both our daughter and ourselves. Our daughter was able to find out why she was behaving the way she was and was given many tools to help her recovery.

    D.A. and J.A. - Parents of Avery Lane Alumni

    What Women Experience

    Hear What Our Alumni Has To say about Avery Lane

    I can only say that seeking help is the first big step. I am so grateful to have found the team at Avery Lane…this past year has been far from easy or simple. I’ve had my moments of doubt, crisis, despair, loneliness…. but in each of those instances I had an incredible group of women to help me through my journey…reminding me of the many tools at my disposal, the strength of my soul and the freedom that comes when you face your worst fears.

    D.R. - Avery Lane Alumni

    My daughter chose to go to Avery Lane because it was founded by a woman, run by women and only treated women. It gave her a safe sanctuary to heal as well as peace of mind for us, her parents, who did not want her in a co-ed treatment program."

    C.H - Mother of Avery Lane Alumni

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    Avery Lane boasts state-of-the-art facilities that offer comfort, tranquility, and effective treatment in a serene setting. Our locations have modern amenities and therapeutic spaces catering specifically to women. Each area is thoughtfully designed to provide a calming and secure environment conducive to healing and Recovery.

    From splendid, cozy, comfortable rooms to communal areas for group activities and social interaction, every aspect of Avery Lane provides a nurturing atmosphere tailored to your recovery experience. Our outdoor spaces offer a peaceful retreat, allowing women to connect with nature as part of their healing process.