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Unlocking Healing Through Brainspotting

At Avery Lane, we utilize the innovative approach of Brainspotting. This technique identifies specific points in a client’s visual field to tap into and process unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. Developed in 2003 by David Grand, Ph.D., Brainspotting is grounded in discovering that “Where you look affects how you feel.” This method is based on the understanding that brain activity, particularly in the subcortical regions, is closely aligned with the direction of one’s gaze. Brainspotting has gained worldwide recognition and application, with over 13,000 therapists trained in this method across various continents, including North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa. This widespread adoption underscores its effectiveness in accessing and healing deep emotional and psychological issues.

Understanding Brainspotting in Addiction Recovery

Brainspotting is based on the premise that the position of your eyes can affect how you experience and process psychological and emotional trauma. It is a therapeutic process that uses spots in a client’s visual field to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain. For individuals recovering from addiction, Brainspotting provides a unique way to uncover and address underlying issues that contribute to substance abuse behaviors.

Brainspotting in Healing and Recovery

Brainspotting offers several transformative benefits:

  • Deep Emotional Processing: Helps to access and process deeply rooted emotional issues and traumas that may be driving addictive behaviors.
  • Reduced Anxiety and Stress: Can lead to significant reductions in anxiety, stress, and somatic symptoms.
  • Enhanced Self-Discovery: Facilitates a profound journey of self-discovery and personal insight.
  • Improved Emotional Regulation: Aids in developing healthier ways to manage emotions and stress, reducing reliance on substances.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Encourages a stronger connection between mind and body, promoting overall well-being.

Integrating Brainspotting into Your Addiction Recovery Plan

We believe in the profound effects of Brainspotting as part of a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. By exploring this therapy, our clients can unlock deep-seated emotional challenges, paving the way for a successful and sustained recovery.

Begin Your Healing Path with Brainspotting Today

Brainspotting Therapy helps women access and process trauma, cravings, and unresolved emotions that may be contributing to addiction. This therapy facilitates deep healing and emotional release, promoting lasting recovery. If you’re ready to experience the transformative benefits of Brainspotting on your path to recovery, take the first step and call us at (800) 270-2406.

Employing Proven Evidence-Based Therapies

At Avery Lane, the Evidenced-Based Modalities we use include but aren’t limited to:

Beyond Trauma

Providing tools and strategies for emotional well-being and recovery.


A therapeutic technique targeting trauma and emotions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Goal-oriented therapeutic approach to change thought patterns.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Cognitive and behavioral therapy to regulate emotions.

Intensive Group Psychotherapy

Sharing experiences in a supportive community.

Intensive Individual Psychotherapy

One-on-one sessions to develop coping strategies.

Medical Education

Empowering knowledge about physical and psychological health.

Seeking Safety

Coping with trauma, addiction, and co-occurring mental health.

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