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Addiction Treatment Center in San Francisco, CA

Welcome to Avery Lane, a leading addiction treatment center serving the vibrant and diverse community of San Francisco, CA. Our center is dedicated to providing women with the support and care they need to overcome substance abuse, dual-diagnosis, and trauma-related challenges. Our team of experienced female treatment professionals delivers personalized, comprehensive care in a nurturing environment designed to promote healing and recovery.

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Dedicated to Women’s Health

At Avery Lane, we understand that women in San Francisco face unique challenges in their recovery journeys. The fast-paced urban lifestyle, combined with the pressures of professional and personal responsibilities, can make overcoming addiction particularly difficult. Our programs are crafted to address these specific needs, ensuring a safe and supportive setting where women can begin their journey toward a healthier future. From your first visit, you will experience the warmth and dedication of our staff and peers who are committed to your success.

How We Help Women in San Francisco

Addressing Unique Urban Challenges

San Francisco’s urban environment presents unique stressors and challenges that can contribute to addiction. Women in this city may face high levels of stress from their careers, the pressures of maintaining work-life balance, and the social challenges of urban living. Our programs are designed to help women navigate these issues, providing tools and strategies to manage stress and build resilience.

Emphasizing Community Support

San Francisco is known for its diverse and vibrant communities. At Avery Lane, we foster a strong sense of community among our clients, encouraging peer support and connection. This community-centric approach helps women feel understood and supported, which is crucial for long-term recovery.

Award-Winning Care for Women

Avery Lane is proud to have received the Conquer Addiction Top Excellence Award for two years running. This accolade reflects our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality treatment. A recent report by the Vista Research Group highlighted that the majority of our clients reported high satisfaction and felt their treatment goals were met. These results are a testament to our whole-person approach, which focuses on comprehensive well-being and recovery.

Top Excellence Award Two Years in a Row!

Start Your Recovery Today

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or mental health issues, Avery Lane is here to help. Contact us to learn more about our programs and take the first step toward a brighter future. Join our community in San Francisco, CA, and embark on your path to recovery with confidence and support.

Comprehensive Treatment Programs

Safe and Supportive Detoxification

Our medically supervised detox program is the essential first step in the recovery process. We provide a safe environment where women can detox from substances with the full support of our medical team, preparing them for the next stages of their recovery journey.

Comprehensive Residential Treatment

For those facing severe substance abuse or complex mental health issues, our residential rehab program and inpatient mental health treatment offers a structured and nurturing environment. Clients benefit from personalized care and a supportive community that fosters personal growth and mental health improvement.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Women dealing with both mental health and substance use disorders can find the help they need in our dual-diagnosis program. We use a combination of evidence based and holistic therapies to address underlying issues and promote sustainable recovery.

Structured Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP provides a structured day program with the flexibility of living at home or in transitional housing. Clients participate in daily therapy sessions, building a consistent recovery routine and gaining the skills needed for long-term success.

Flexible Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP is designed for women who need to balance recovery with other responsibilities. This program offers flexible therapy schedules, allowing clients to receive comprehensive support while managing their personal and professional lives.

Women’s Veterans Rehab Program

Avery Lane recognizes the unique challenges faced by women veterans in San Francisco on their recovery journey. Our Veterans Rehab Program is specifically designed to address the distinct needs of female veterans struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Offering trauma-informed therapy, peer support from fellow veterans, and holistic therapies tailored to their military experiences, we provide comprehensive care in a supportive and understanding environment. Avery Lane is dedicated to helping women veterans in San Francisco rebuild their lives and achieve lasting recovery.

Family Involvement and Therapy

We believe that family plays a crucial role in recovery. Our family therapy and support groups help families understand addiction, learn supportive techniques, and heal alongside their loved ones, promoting a holistic recovery process.

Individualized Treatment Plans

At Avery Lane, we start each client’s journey with a thorough assessment to create a personalized treatment plan. This approach ensures that we address the specific needs of each woman, providing the tools and support necessary for lasting recovery and a fulfilling life.

Why Choose Avery Lane?

Selecting the right treatment center is a pivotal decision. At Avery Lane, we combine scientific and holistic methodologies to deliver exceptional outcomes. Our Whole Being Recovery Model promotes new skills and behaviors that support a healthy, empowered life. With our award-winning programs and dedicated staff, Avery Lane is the ideal place for women to begin their recovery journey.

Location and Directions

San Francisco is a vibrant city known for its diverse population and rich cultural tapestry. Home to over 870,000 residents, San Francisco, CA attracts women from all walks of life, including professionals, artists, students, and veterans. The city’s most popular neighborhoods, such as the Mission District, SoMa, Nob Hill, and Haight-Ashbury, offer unique experiences and challenges that shape the lives of those who live here.

Avery Lane chooses to serve this dynamic community because we recognize the unique pressures and opportunities that come with living in such an iconic city. Women in San Francisco often face high levels of stress from demanding careers, the fast-paced urban lifestyle, and the need to balance personal and professional responsibilities. Our programs are specifically designed to address these challenges, offering personalized, compassionate care that promotes healing and long-term recovery.

San Francisco is surrounded by vibrant cities like San Jose, Oakland, Daly City, and Berkeley, each with its own distinct character and community. We proudly extend our services to women from these areas, ensuring comprehensive support for those in need throughout the region. Popular landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Golden Gate Park highlight the city’s allure, drawing people from all over the world.

By fostering a supportive community and leveraging the rich resources of San Francisco and its surroundings, Avery Lane helps women rebuild their lives and achieve lasting recovery. Our commitment to serving this diverse population is driven by our belief in the strength and resilience of the women we support, empowering them to thrive in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Reclaim Your Future with Effective Addiction Treatment

Avery Lane offers meticulously crafted treatment programs for a diverse range of substance use disorders, encompassing:

Substance Use Disorder

Regain your ability to function in day-to-day life.

Alcoholism Treatment

Overcome alcohol dependency and gain sobriety.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

Let Go of Prescription Stimulants.

Benzodiazepine Addiction Treatment

Distance Benzodiazepine dependance.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Break free from cocaine dependency.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Remove the severe risks of Fentanyl addiction.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Medically-assisted heroin detox and therapy.

Meth Addiction Treatment

Recover from methamphetamine abuse.

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Focused opioid addiction strategies.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Address dependency on prescription drugs.

Stimulant Addiction Treatment

Therapeutic treatments for stimulant addiction.

Verify Your Insurance

Avery Lane has admissions specialists ready to help you determine insurance coverage and financing options. We accept most private, commercial insurance. Please note that we are unable to accept 
Medi-Cal, Medicare, or Medicaid at this time. Click below to fill out our Confidential Insurance Verification Form and we will contact you promptly.

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What Women Experience

Hear What Our Alumni Has To say about Avery Lane

Camille Open Door at Avery Lane Womens Rehab Novato

We were all so fortunate to find Avery Lane when our daughter was at a low point. An initial diagnosis was confirmed by staff and the time spent there in recovery was very beneficial to both our daughter and ourselves. Our daughter was able to find out why she was behaving the way she was and was given many tools to help her recovery.

D.A. and J.A. - Parents of Avery Lane Alumni

What Women Experience

Hear What Our Alumni Has To say about Avery Lane

I can only say that seeking help is the first big step. I am so grateful to have found the team at Avery Lane…this past year has been far from easy or simple. I’ve had my moments of doubt, crisis, despair, loneliness…. but in each of those instances I had an incredible group of women to help me through my journey…reminding me of the many tools at my disposal, the strength of my soul and the freedom that comes when you face your worst fears.

D.R. - Avery Lane Alumni

My daughter chose to go to Avery Lane because it was founded by a woman, run by women and only treated women. It gave her a safe sanctuary to heal as well as peace of mind for us, her parents, who did not want her in a co-ed treatment program."

C.H - Mother of Avery Lane Alumni