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For Women

Avery Lane is an innovative San Francisco Bay Area substance abuse, dual-diagnosis, and trauma specialized women’s rehab treatment center with both inpatient and outpatient levels of care, designed specifically for the needs of women by women treatment professionals. We embody a community environment where staff and clients work together to grow and empower one another. We treat adult women over the age of 18 years old in an intimate, home-feel type setting.

Avery Lane Wins Conquer Addiction’s

Top Excellence Award Two Years in a Row!

What We Treat

Support for Women Addressing Substance Abuse and Mental Health Challenges

Addiction Treatment

women’s Rehab Nurturing Recovery
from Substance Use Disorders
in Women

Avery Lane is a women’s rehab sanctuary for overcoming alcohol and drug addiction and Co-occurring mental health issues. Our skilled team employs a blend of proven and holistic approaches to foster recovery and healing from substance abuse and related disorders.

  • Gender-Specific Treatment
  • Individualized Treatment Planning and Care
  • Case Management
  • Alternative Holistic Therapies
  • Evidence-Based Therapies Including Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Medications
  • Program Curriculum Designed Specifically for Women
  • Comprehensive Family Support Services

Mental Health Treatment

Guiding Women on a Path to Mental Health Wellness

Residential programs offer clients a structured space for healing from trauma, grief, and other issues affecting their mental health. Clients are guided through finding healthy ways to accept and manage their symptoms, reducing the risk of developing additional mental health issues in the future.

  • Compassionate and Ethical Care
  • Access to Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
  • Peer Support through Community Activities, Support Groups, and Group Therapy
  • Medication Management for Mild to Severe Symptoms
  • Comprehensive Trauma Treatment
  • A Small, Gender-Specific Home Environment

Our Standards Of Care

Accreditations & Certifications

Drug Rehab and Mental Health certification Logos and badges.

Effective Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Services

Customized Treatment Programs

Clients participating in treatment at Avery Lane undergo comprehensive assessments and screenings. Ensuring clients have an accurate diagnosis allows our team to create a tailored treatment plan designed to address the specific needs of each individual. The innovative women’s rehab programs provide superior addiction recovery and mental health services to women seeking help. Avery Lane was awarded the Conquer Addiction Excellence in Treatment award for 2022 in recognition of our superior adult post-treatment success rates.

Residential Detoxification

Women-Centric Detox: A Strong Foundation for Substance Abuse Recovery.

Avery Lane’s medically assisted residential detoxification and stabilization program helps women in recovery prepare for treatment and long-term recovery from substance abuse. Detoxification is the first step toward long-term recovery. Our clients receive complete support from a team of nurses, physicians, and recovery counselors. The center provides a complete continuum of care for clients struggling with substance abuse, ensuring a smooth transition from detoxification to inpatient and outpatient programs or continuing care.

Substance Abuse Residential

A Sanctuary for Healing, Offering Specialized Care and a Nurturing Environment for Women.

Clients with more severe substance abuse symptoms or complex mental health issues benefit from participating in the residential treatment programs at Avery Lane. The residential program offers a comfortable, home-like environment where clients focus on improving their mental health and establishing healthy routines. Avery Lane’s residential treatment program provides care for women who have reached a point where they need professional support to overcome obstacles related to mental health and substance abuse.

Mental Health Residential

Holistic Residential Treatment for Women’s Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis.

Avery Lane offers residential treatment programs for women experiencing primary or secondary mental health disorders and dual diagnosis. The program uses holistic therapies alongside more traditional modalities, including psychotherapy. Clinicians collaborate closely with clients and their families to ensure a personalized residential treatment experience. Mental health residential treatment provides critical support, accountability, access to a full medical team, and a safe space where clients feel welcome.

Partial Hospitalization

Daily Therapy and Transitional Housing for Structured Support and Sustained Recovery.

Clients participating in the partial hospitalization treatment program attend sessions during the day five times a week (Monday through Friday). Maintaining a consistent schedule and attending regular individual and group therapy sessions build self-confidence and self-awareness. The program also offers transitional housing for women who need additional structure and accountability. The care team works with each client to ensure they have access to essential resources to support their treatment and long-term recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Balancing Personal Freedom with Structured Recovery Support to Achieve and Sustain Sobriety.

Women in intensive outpatient treatment have additional freedom to manage their professional or personal responsibilities while attending comprehensive and structured sessions throughout the week. Every client has access to essential recovery services and support. The clinical team helps women overcome challenges in their recovery and provides additional support until they feel comfortable independently maintaining sobriety and positive mental health. Alumni services are also available for clients.

Family Therapy Program

Strengthening Recovery through Family Involvement for Loved Ones in the Healing Process.

Avery Lane emphasizes the crucial role of family involvement in addiction recovery, paralleling its importance with the individual’s own journey. The individual struggling with addiction is not usually the only one struggling. Behind them are parents, children, friends, partners, extended family, all who have watched the suffering, have felt helpless, and struggled with their own depression or anxiety related to being involved in the addicted system. We offer virtual support and education group for families with loved ones in our care.

Verify Your Insurance

Avery Lane has admissions specialists ready to help you determine insurance coverage and financing options. We accept most private, commercial insurance. Please note that we are unable to accept 
Medi-Cal, Medicare, or Medicaid at this time. Click below to fill out our Confidential Insurance Verification Form and we will contact you promptly.

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Whole Being


Avery Lane’s Whole Being Recovery Model combines the most effective science and holistic-based treatment modalities to deliver higher than national success outcomes that support you with new skills and behaviors to create and sustain a healthy, empowered life.

Our Mission

Sets Us Apart

Avery Lane uses a whole-person approach to treatment. According to a 2021/2022 Treatment Effectiveness Report conducted by the Vista Research Group, “Most (80%) Avery Lane patients submitting progress monitoring surveys reported being ‘very satisfied’ with the treatment they were receiving” and “The majority (82%) of Avery Lane patients reported that their treatment goals had been met.”

Averly Lane treats primary and secondary mental health disorders using a whole-person approach to address any issues affecting a client’s ability to heal and move forward in their recovery. Mental health treatment programs address a wide range of mental health conditions and underlying issues. Individuals in treatment build a solid foundation for healing and personal growth.

Avery Lane offers primary and secondary substance abuse treatment. Women admitted to the programs have experienced issues with alcohol or drugs, including prescription or recreational drug misuse. Many clients use substances to cope with mental health symptoms. The treatment program addresses any trauma or underlying issues by allowing clients to process them in a safe space.

Camille Open Door at Avery Lane Womens Rehab Novato

A Message From Our Founder


At Avery Lane we strive to create a safe space for women to heal from their past and recreate a new future free from addiction and trauma.

We offer a truly unique treatment program led by passionate, experienced professionals completely versed in and dedicated to healing women broken by addiction and substance abuse.

Camille Hildebrand CEO & Founder

What Women Experience

Hear What Our Alumni Has To say about Avery Lane

Camille Open Door at Avery Lane Womens Rehab Novato

We were all so fortunate to find Avery Lane when our daughter was at a low point. An initial diagnosis was confirmed by staff and the time spent there in recovery was very beneficial to both our daughter and ourselves. Our daughter was able to find out why she was behaving the way she was and was given many tools to help her recovery.

D.A. and J.A. – Parents of Avery Lane Alumni

What Women Experience

Hear What Our Alumni Has To say about Avery Lane

I can only say that seeking help is the first big step. I am so grateful to have found the team at Avery Lane…this past year has been far from easy or simple. I’ve had my moments of doubt, crisis, despair, loneliness…. but in each of those instances I had an incredible group of women to help me through my journey…reminding me of the many tools at my disposal, the strength of my soul and the freedom that comes when you face your worst fears.

D.R. – Avery Lane Alumni

My daughter chose to go to Avery Lane because it was founded by a woman, run by women and only treated women. It gave her a safe sanctuary to heal as well as peace of mind for us, her parents, who did not want her in a co-ed treatment program.

C.H – Mother of Avery Lane Alumni



At Avery Lane we strive to create a safe space for women to heal from their past and recreate a new future free from addiction and trauma.



At Avery Lane we strive to create a safe space for women to heal from their past and recreate a new future free from addiction and trauma.

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